February 25, 2019

"Excellent service! They took care of my rat problem, cleaned up and repaired all the damage that was done. Very happy with the work that was done."
February 18, 2019

"I had raccoons break into my crawl space and set up shop. I didn't notice for some time until I actually witnessed a raccoon exiting one of my foundation grates. Not long after discovering this problem, I spotted an Allied Pest and Wildlife truck on the way home from work. Their motto was the safe and humane removal of various critters as well as crawl space repair. This sounded like exactly what I wanted so I gave them a call. It turns out the damage was extensive. Most of the insulation and vapor barrier were ripped out and there was raccoon feces everywhere, as well as damaged grates and sub floor. APW expertly dealt with every problem. They were prompt, courteous and informative. These guys really came through, I couldn't be happier!"
December 21, 2018

"Michael and his company are the best! Very professional, great communicator, excellent service and just an all around great guy. We had a pesky skunk issue and he helped until the bitter end of the battle. Thanks Allied Pest!"
October 31, 2018

"Allied Pest "
September 20, 2018

"They were very informative on how they were going to do the job. When they arrived they were so polite and kind. They were fast but efficient and very clean. They did a wonderful job. I have no more pests or animals that I do not want around or should not be around. Thank you Allied."
Allied Pest and Wildlife